Christmas Escapes

There are a few holiday-themed escape rooms available for escapers in the Portland area.

At Paradigm Q in Vancouver, The Hour Before Christmas will allow you to help save Christmas! For 2-8 players, $32 per person.

“Santa has been checking his list and he realizes right before he supposed to leave for his big night that he has forgotten the code to unlock all of  Christmas Cheer! Can you help Santa save Christmas in time?”

At Northwest Escape Experience, CSI: North Pole will give you another opportunity to save Christmas! For up to 8 players, $30 per person.

“Ho, Ho, No!!! It’s a Christmas emergency! An elf has gone rogue and stolen Santa’s Naughty and Nice List! Without it, Santa can’t deliver presents to all the good boys and girls in the world! Do you and your team of crime scene investigators have what it takes to solve this holiday caper in time to save Christmas?”

(I guess the only options for saving Christmas are in Vancouver, Washington.) So get out there and save the holidays!

New Escape Room Company in Vancouver

While navigating the Escape Games PDX website, there was an announcement for: New Location! New Games! New Puzzles! A click leads to, a new escape room in Vancouver, WA. ParadigmQ states it is “Vancouver’s Largest Escape Game Company.”

There are currently 4 rooms listed under their Games tab but only one appears to be bookable at this time.  “Out of the Past” is $32/per person, with a 2-person minimum, and is available based on public booking 6 days a week (sorry Wednesday).

“How you made into the old west and smack dab in the center of an old gambling hall, you just aren’t sure.  What you do know is, you’d dearly like to get back to your present.  There is one way to make it happen, but it will take all your skills and the exact right timing or you might be stuck on the prairie forever!”

Other rooms listed on their website are:

  • Into the Future
  • Sasquatch On Site
  • Sherlock Sequel

ParadigmQ is a sister to Escape Games PDX. We recommend Escape Games PDX and are looking forward to trying the new rooms at this new company just across the Columbia River. What are your thoughts on ParadigmQ?

Jurassic Tours: Back to the Past at NW Escape Experience

We previously reported on a new time-travel-themed room opening at NW Escape Experience in Vancouver, Washington. Based on the previous image, we expected an homage to Back to the Future but now looks like we’ll be traveling much further back in time. NW Escape Experience is offering a limited number of pre-sale packages, which include:

  • Experience for 2, 4, or 6 players ($64/$128/$192);
  • A Jurassic Tours: Back To The Past t-shirt for each player; and
  • Early booking access.

Find + Seek – The Majestic Theatre – Vancouver, Canada

Find and Seek was a fun puzzle experience with some great tech and fun props. The room was nicely decorated and well-run with a variety of puzzles. The room is great for people who enjoy a linear experience without a lot of searching, (which we enjoyed). If you’re in Downtown Vancouver and looking for an escape room experience, check it out. See below for the full review.

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Mythic Escapes – Blackbeard’s Brig – Vancouver, WA

Vancouver, Washington just got its first escape room. Inside the Vancouver Mall is Mythic Escapes, an escape room within a game store. Blackbeard’s Brig is a pirate-themed escape room with a variety of puzzles and multiple rooms. A good room for beginners and families, with plenty of unique puzzles to keep escape room enthusiasts busy as well. See below for the full review.

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