Best Escape Rooms in San Diego

After doing more than 25 escape rooms in San Diego, we’ve compiled some of our favorites into the following top 10 best escape rooms in San Diego County.

  1. Quicksand Escape (Pacific Beach) Diner
  2. Boss Play (Oceanside) Wonka
  3. Quicksand Escape (Pacific Beach) Chinatown
  4. The Exit Game (Kearny Mesa) The AI
  5. Boss Play (Oceanside) Prohibition
  6. The Entrapment (Kearny Mesa) Fogmore Manor
  7. Locked Adventures (San Marcos) Quest for the Throne
  8. Lockdown (Hillcrest) Voodoo
  9. Escape Era (Sorrento Valley) Deja Vu
  10. Lockdown (Hillcrest) Western

Fine Print: These are some of our favorites but not in any particular order. Most of these rooms were done as a 2-person team. Some rooms, (including Unlockable’s “The Escape”) require more than 2 people, so we haven’t gotten to try them all. There are still a lot of escape rooms in San Diego we haven’t done, and some which are no longer around.

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