Stumptown Speakeasy Escape Coming Soon

Stumptown Escape Games is retiring Seance and will be opening up Stumptown Speakeasy. The last day of Seance will be June 30th. The speakeasy themed room is scheduled to open July 26th. According to the email notice about the new room:

“You have discovered that the mobster that runs the speakeasy you recently started working for is much more brutal than you originally thought. Even though he makes the best beer in town, you can’t in good conscience let him continue to torture your coworkers. 

So, you have tipped off the cops and they will be there in just one hour to raid the joint. Not wanting to deny the world his tasty concoction, you have to find the jealously guarded secret recipe and leave the city so that you can open a kinder, gentler speakeasy in another town.”


Escape the Speakeasy – Portland

We were some of the first to try out this room, and I think we may have been the first to escape! There are some really great things about this room, and we definitely recommend checking it out. A good variety of puzzles, friendly staff, and this speakeasy is actually inside a bar! See the full review below.

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