Escape Games PDX – Sherlock’s Secret – Portland

I finally got around to visiting Escape Games PDX, and I’m glad I did. We got out of this room without a second to spare. Literally. We opened the door and the clock chimed 60 minutes. The room was pretty nicely decorated and fitting with the Sherlock theme, there were some fun puzzles we hadn’t seen before, and I look forward to trying their other rooms. See below for the full review.

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Asylroom – Sherlocked – Galway, Ireland

Walking around Galway, we stumbled across Asylroom and walked in to see if they could accommodate us. They could, and we tried to escape from Sherlocked. The experience was fun, although there were a couple of problems. If you’re in Galway and are looking for an escape room, check out Asylroom. See below for the full review.

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Sherlocked – Moriarty – Malmö, Sweden

Sherlocked in Malmö is a well-run escape room, currently offering six escape room experiences. This is a great introduction to escape rooms for beginners, but it is still challenging enough for experienced enthusiasts. A good variety of puzzles, great decorations, and friendly staff. You get to book the whole room, which is nice. They also give you a physical photo after taking your picture, something I’ve long ago lost. Recommended if you find yourself wanting to escape in southern Sweden. See below for more details.

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