The Diner – Quicksand Escape Games – San Diego

The Diner was recommended to us by other enthusiasts, so on our recent trip to San Diego, we finally got to check it out. The Diner had a fun theme, great decorations, and an unexpected twist that made for a very enjoyable escape room experience. Highly recommended. See below for the full review.

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3rd Day Escape – San Diego

I purchased a Groupon months before and worried about having to use it up before time expired. So, while we were in San Diego, we booked an open slot and (unfortunately…again!), showed up to find that we were forced into an escape with another couple. (Damn you American booking systems!!!). See below for the full review.

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Escapology – Th3 Cod3 – San Diego

This was my 3rd attempt at a solo escape, and I may have taken on more than I could handle. I was able to escape in time, thanks to some well-timed hints, and a flexible clock that may have gone two minutes over. This was a fun room and I was busy running around the entire 60 minutes. However, it really made me appreciate having a second set of hands, eyes, and another brain. See below for the full review.

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Escapism – Gallery 3919 – San Diego

Immediately after escaping The Attic, I wanted to try Escapism’s other room. It was unbooked, and the helpful employee let me book it right away. Well, I didn’t make it out and I found the second room much more confusing. I don’t think the puzzles matched up with my problem-solving brain. It is probably more fun with a bigger group. I would not call it difficult, but you may need multiple brains to poke at the puzzles from different angles. See below for the full review.

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Escapism – The Attic – San Diego

During a recent trip to San Diego, I grew restless with my freedom and sought to be locked in a room. Escapism was accommodating, and I set about on my first solo escape from The Attic. A good variety of puzzles in a fun atmosphere. I really enjoyed the experience and booked another room with Escapism immediately after. See below for the full review.

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The Entrapment – Fogmore Manor – San Diego

I decided, last minute, to try and book an escape room by myself in San Diego. Instead, I asked my mom if she wanted to go. We attempted The Entrapment, and had a lot of fun. It is clearly designed by experienced puzzlers, and I was happy to have such a linear experience after some other random puzzle rooms. This is a fun experience, with interesting and interactive puzzles. See below for the full review.

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Divergent Realities – Sitting Duck – San Diego

This was the first room we did in San Diego. They stick with the theme of secret missions and indoctrination into the agency, from their website through completion of the ‘mission’. This indoctrination mission is a great introduction to escape rooms for 2 people who want to try the experience without having to join up with a bunch of strangers. I look forward to returning to try The Informant. See below for the full review.

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