Escape the Speakeasy – Portland

We were some of the first to try out this room, and I think we may have been the first to escape! There are some really great things about this room, and we definitely recommend checking it out. A good variety of puzzles, friendly staff, and this speakeasy is actually inside a bar! See the full review below.

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Portland Escape Rooms – Kidnapped! – Portland

This was the 4th room tried in Portland. The first 3 were all with Escapism, because you could book the room and not the slot. This serial killer themed room had some fun aspects which added to the escape room experience. Portland Escape Rooms seems like a pretty busy business, but there were a few issues. Probably a good place for people to try their first escape room, and they always seem to have a deal on Groupon. See below for the full review.

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Labyrinth – Inheritance – Portland

Highly Recommended by EscapeRoomers. Portland is getting more high-quality escape rooms. Labyrinth currently has 3 rooms running, with 2 more on the way. We tried Inheritance. It was a fun room with a great variety of puzzles. It was a little crowded with 6 people. Overall, I’d recommend it, especially if you are with a group of friends in Downtown. See below for the full review.

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Hour to Midnight – The Secrets of Nibiru -Portland

⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟. Highly recommended by EscapeRoomers. This is among the top rooms we’ve tried in Portland. I believe Hour To Midnight (HTM) is the most recent company to open an escape room in Portland, and a welcome edition to the scene. This room is professionally decked out from top to bottom, with lots of original designs, puzzles, props and a great variety of puzzles. It is also a pretty tough room, especially for 2 people. It’s a bit far from the city center, but with 3 new rooms in the works, I am looking forward to trying their next additions.

“William Elshoff has scoured the globe for artifacts of great power. His findings had turned up little until now, he claimed he had found the key to Nibiru!”

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60 Minutes to Escape – Spark of Resistance – Portland

⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟. Highly recommended by EscapeRoomers. This was the third escape room company we’ve tried in Portland, and by far the best of the three. (Escapism and Portland Escape Rooms being the other 2). I believe this was also the first escape room in Portland, now home to 6 or more. It took awhile to book, because I didn’t want to get joined up with any randos. So we had to wait until it looked like a time slot was completely empty, booking it at the last minute.

It really may be one of the best rooms I’ve tried. Very original and well thought out. You won’t be getting out of this one with 30 minutes to spare. The people who put this room together put a lot of time and effort into the room, and it shows. Pretty much full-on immersion.

“ONE OF OUR AGENTS IS MISSING.You and your friends, colleagues and family must use your wits to find him and make your escape!”