Norwegian Airlines Escape Room

Alcatrapped. Not alcotrapped, that would be a different experience altogether. With Alcatrapped, Norwegian Airlines is getting in on this escape room thing. They’ve opened an escape room in London to announce their new route from Gatwick to Oakland, California, starting at £179 one way. It appears to be a limited run event, from June 24th to June 26th.

The escape room experience only lasted 15 minutes, in an attempt to escape an Alcatraz-themed room.  Random escapers even got a free flight! (Although they probably ended up a few hundred pounds in the hole after paying for a cup of water, carrying on a backpack, the right to print a ticket, and for use of the airplane bathroom).

According to Nicole Richards, Marketing Manager, Norwegian UK, “Escapism is a key motivator for people to travel.”

I tend to agree.