Mental Trap Has Reopened in Downtown Portland

After a long hiatus, Mental Trap is back! Mental Trap moved from their Beaverton location last year and has re-opened in downtown Portland. Inside Glowing Greens blacklight miniature golf (as before), the first room to open is:

Hotel: No Vacancy

“Welcome to Hotel No Vacancy, while you and your friends were out on the town you decide to explore this establishment and the door behind you locks closed.  Soon you will discover this is more than just an old hotel building with a rift in time. Traveling from room to room, and floor to floor each space holds a new layer of mystery and now you just wish to find your way back out before you get trapped in time. Now we ask you to lend us your hand in stopping this warp in space, you have just one hour to travel in time and it begins now. Eventually, one clue will lead you to Escape… but Not so fast, Mental Trap offers a series of rooms within each game. You’ve only escaped room number one. There are still more rooms to escape… Can you get out fast enough?”

According to their FAQ, the room is bookable for 4-6 people (doable with 3 but the minimum booking is priced at $120 for up to 4). The good news is that the rooms will be private with not strangers interfering with your enjoyment.