Ford’s Drive Thru Escape Room

A driveable escape room?  Apparently, Ford has teamed up with New York’s Escape the Room to create a driveable escape room on a massive scale. Escape the Room’s puzzle master, Victor Blake, designed the puzzles to incorporate tech and features of the Ford Escape to get out of the room/building. The experience sold out in less than a day, with more than 1,000 people signing up to play the game over 2 days at Moynihan Station in New York.

Most escape rooms are literally a room. Maybe 100 square feet or so. (About 9 square meters for those lucky enough to live in the 99% of countries that use metric measurements). This venue is approximately 35,000 square feet and involves multiple rooms.

Yes, this is a Ford marketing campaign. “We wanted to grab the imagination and connect with Millennial and urban consumers in New York City, but, given the trend of experiential game play and the appetite for unique shared experiences, the opportunity to expand to other cities is possible,” said Ginger Kasanic, Ford’s experiential marketing manager.

(Side note. Did you read the name Ginger Kasanic and immediately try to rearrange the letters into an anagram? Me too! “A creaking sign” is the answer. Also, Ford has an experiential marketing manager? Sweet job title!)

“At the landmark Moynihan Station, players will find themselves immersed in the hidden treasures of summertime in New York as they navigate the quintessential path of going from humble beginnings to making it big in the film industry. An expansive, five-room play space prompts participants to find clues that will guide their journey using various technological tools available in the new Ford Escape, and their own wits.”

I love multi-room escape rooms. I think the place with the most rooms we’ve escaped from was Esc Exitgame, with 3 or 4 rooms, or E-Exit‘s Heaven or Hell, which had maybe 5 rooms? Can’t recall exactly now, but Ford’s escape experience sounds pretty cool. I hope the ‘focus‘ is on the escape room experience, and not just highlighting vehicle features. I’d love to hear from anyone who got to try it out.