New Escape Room Company in Vancouver

While navigating the Escape Games PDX website, there was an announcement for: New Location! New Games! New Puzzles! A click leads to, a new escape room in Vancouver, WA. ParadigmQ states it is “Vancouver’s Largest Escape Game Company.”

There are currently 4 rooms listed under their Games tab but only one appears to be bookable at this time.  “Out of the Past” is $32/per person, with a 2-person minimum, and is available based on public booking 6 days a week (sorry Wednesday).

“How you made into the old west and smack dab in the center of an old gambling hall, you just aren’t sure.  What you do know is, you’d dearly like to get back to your present.  There is one way to make it happen, but it will take all your skills and the exact right timing or you might be stuck on the prairie forever!”

Other rooms listed on their website are:

  • Into the Future
  • Sasquatch On Site
  • Sherlock Sequel

ParadigmQ is a sister to Escape Games PDX. We recommend Escape Games PDX and are looking forward to trying the new rooms at this new company just across the Columbia River. What are your thoughts on ParadigmQ?

Escape Games PDX – Prison Break – Portland

After we had a good experience with Portlandia and Sherlock’s Secret, we returned to try Prison Break. Unfortunately, some technical problems, miscommunication with the employee, and limited reveals compared to previous rooms put Prison Break at the bottom of the list for Escape Games PDX. See below for the full review.

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Escape Games PDX – Portlandia – Portland

Two of us returned to Escape Games PDX for an afternoon escape from Portlandia. I’d enjoyed Sherlock’s Secret and was holding out hope for Portlandia. This was another solid experience and Escape Games PDX is moving up on the list for fun escape rooms in Portland. This company is in the top 3 companies to check out when you visit to escape in the City of Roses. See below for the full review.

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Escape Games PDX – Sherlock’s Secret – Portland

I finally got around to visiting Escape Games PDX, and I’m glad I did. We got out of this room without a second to spare. Literally. We opened the door and the clock chimed 60 minutes. The room was pretty nicely decorated and fitting with the Sherlock theme, there were some fun puzzles we hadn’t seen before, and I look forward to trying their other rooms. See below for the full review.

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