What I Learned From Doing 8 Escape Rooms in 10 Hours

Believe it or not, there are lessons to be learned from escape room marathons. When EscapeRoomers J and K booked 12 escape rooms across 2 days for the Budapest Blitz, we questioned the sanity of such an idea. Afterall, Budapest is a wonderful city. Why were we committing ourselves to spending 12 hours out of the 36-hour trip locked inside a series of rooms?

Here is how Day 1 was laid out.

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Destination Escape Rooms

Escape room enthusiasts are often forced to defend their passion. For those who have never experienced the thrill, paying good money to open a convoluted lock may seem odd. Even worse is going on a trip and spending hours locked inside a room.

First, you should feel no shame. You are a member of a unique group of weirdos who enjoy this. After all, it is cheaper than gambling at a casino, and millions of people waste perfectly good vacations throwing money away on games of chance every year. They hide from time and space and the sun. In one way, casinos are more disorienting than escape rooms. And it will likely take you more than an hour to find your way out.

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