The Cat Lady is Back! Mad Genius New Virtual Escape.

Mad Genius is one of my favorite escape room companies in Portland. Battle of the Ancients is probably my favorite but Cat Lady is one of the most fun and unique escape rooms ever. Now, Edith Humphreys, AKA The Cat Lady, is back!

The Truth About Edith is a remote-play virtual escape for 4 people to play online. Each person needs a computer, internet connection, Zoom, and Chrome or Firefox. Don’t worry if you have, or have not, played Cat Lady. The virtual game is $80 for 4 players.

“Cat Lady and The Truth About Edith are completely different games with completely different puzzles. If you have played our physical Cat Lady game, there will be a couple of little inside jokes for you in The Truth About Edith. You do not need to have played Cat Lady to understand or fully enjoy The Truth About Edith.”

This could also be a unique gift option for someone facing a birthday celebration under stay-at-home orders. Can’t do a virtual escape? It looks like you will be able to play the in-person version of The Truth About Edith after reopening.



Mad Genius Comes to SE Portland

[Update: Mad Genius now has 3 rooms. The newest room, Battle of the Ancients is fantastic and highly recommended. So now you have 3 recommended rooms in one convenient SE location!]

It seems like forever since a new escape room company opened in Portland. Mad Genius has just arrived with 2 rooms. A welcome addition to the Portland escape room scene, check out their Cat Lady and Siren Song rooms. We’re already looking forward to their next addition. See below for more info.

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