Portland Escape Room Designer in the Portland Mercury.

Fortunately for those of us living in Portland, Laura E. Hall was one of the first to bring escape rooms to town. The legendary Spark of Resistance at 60 Minutes to Escape remains one of the best escape room experiences on the West Coast. Hall is also behind the pop-up escape room that is currently making its way across the country, Resident Evil Escape Experience.

Hall got a write-up in this week’s Portland Mercury, where she hit on one of the most important aspects of a successful escape room experience. “I want people to feel transported when they’re entering into that space, and I don’t want anything they encounter to ever break that spell,” Hall said.

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Resident Evil – Pop Up – Portland

Resident Evil is a video game. If you knew that, then you knew as much as I did going into this escape game based on the popular zombie franchise. Resident Evil’s escape room was initially put out as an escape room tie-in in Los Angeles. I was alerted to this fact by one of the organizers, but by the time I tried to sign up to help defeat the evil army, it was all booked up. A couple months later, I find that RE is coming to my town, presented by CAPCOM and iam8bit.

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60 Minutes to Escape – Spark of Resistance – Portland

⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟. Highly recommended by EscapeRoomers. This was the third escape room company we’ve tried in Portland, and by far the best of the three. (Escapism and Portland Escape Rooms being the other 2). I believe this was also the first escape room in Portland, now home to 6 or more. It took awhile to book, because I didn’t want to get joined up with any randos. So we had to wait until it looked like a time slot was completely empty, booking it at the last minute.

It really may be one of the best rooms I’ve tried. Very original and well thought out. You won’t be getting out of this one with 30 minutes to spare. The people who put this room together put a lot of time and effort into the room, and it shows. Pretty much full-on immersion.

“ONE OF OUR AGENTS IS MISSING.You and your friends, colleagues and family must use your wits to find him and make your escape!”