Asylroom – Sherlocked – Galway, Ireland

Walking around Galway, we stumbled across Asylroom and walked in to see if they could accommodate us. They could, and we tried to escape from Sherlocked. The experience was fun, although there were a couple of problems. If you’re in Galway and are looking for an escape room, check out Asylroom. See below for the full review.

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Escapism – Magician’s Menagerie – Portland

UPDATED. After The Wizard’s Lair, we were hoping The Magician’s Menagerie would be less buggy. The three of us returned (after Ritual Room and Wizard’s Lair), hoping this room would be more Ritual Room and less Wizard’s Lair. Unfortunately, it was plagued by technical problems which really made the experience rather frustrating. A few interesting and new puzzles, but Escapism should really do more beta testing before opening a room. A few simple changes would make the room much more enjoyable. See below for the full review.

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Escapism – The Wizard’s Lair – Portland

UPDATE. It had been months since we’d completed all of Escapism’s prior three rooms, The Ritual Room, Jungle Ransom, and Dr. Zylchov’s Laboratory. Ritual Room was really a lot of fun, and the first escape room for one of our kin. Once I’d learned that Escapism was opening two more rooms, I was looking forward to trying them. The Wizard’s Lair had a few design issues that made for a less-than-ideal experience. See below for the full review.

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Escapism – Gallery 3919 – San Diego

Immediately after escaping The Attic, I wanted to try Escapism’s other room. It was unbooked, and the helpful employee let me book it right away. Well, I didn’t make it out and I found the second room much more confusing. I don’t think the puzzles matched up with my problem-solving brain. It is probably more fun with a bigger group. I would not call it difficult, but you may need multiple brains to poke at the puzzles from different angles. See below for the full review.

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Escapism – The Attic – San Diego

During a recent trip to San Diego, I grew restless with my freedom and sought to be locked in a room. Escapism was accommodating, and I set about on my first solo escape from The Attic. A good variety of puzzles in a fun atmosphere. I really enjoyed the experience and booked another room with Escapism immediately after. See below for the full review.

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Puzzah! – Kazam! – Denver!

Ok, I added that last exclamation point in the title above, in keeping with the theme. When visiting a friend in Denver, we decided to let him in this whole escape room thing. The closest room that we could book in time was Puzzah!’s Kazam! Decorations were fun, puzzles were interactive, and we got out by the skin of our teeth. See below for the full review.

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The Entrapment – Fogmore Manor – San Diego

I decided, last minute, to try and book an escape room by myself in San Diego. Instead, I asked my mom if she wanted to go. We attempted The Entrapment, and had a lot of fun. It is clearly designed by experienced puzzlers, and I was happy to have such a linear experience after some other random puzzle rooms. This is a fun experience, with interesting and interactive puzzles. See below for the full review.

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Legend X Iteration – Dynasty – Santa Ana

Our first Orange County escape room. The Dynasty is composed of three rooms, each room leading to another in a sequence. The theme is on point, and continues throughout the rooms. It was fun, with a variety of puzzles, although there were a few weaknesses that brought down the overall experience. I’d recommend it as intermediate to advanced, and having more than 2 people is almost a necessity if you want to complete more than one room. See below for the full review.

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Mythic Escapes – Blackbeard’s Brig – Vancouver, WA

Vancouver, Washington just got its first escape room. Inside the Vancouver Mall is Mythic Escapes, an escape room within a game store. Blackbeard’s Brig is a pirate-themed escape room with a variety of puzzles and multiple rooms. A good room for beginners and families, with plenty of unique puzzles to keep escape room enthusiasts busy as well. See below for the full review.

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Escape Copenhagen – Psychotic Janitor

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