School of Magic Opening Soon at Mindtrix

The School of Magic will soon be available for booking at Mindtrix. According to their website:

“You are on a much-needed vacation after your second year studying magic. Suddenly your break is cut short by a desperate plea for help by the school’s headmaster. Will your novice skills be enough to save the day?”

The newest escape room in the Clackamas Town Center has some of the best availability in the area, generally available for booking 7 days a week when the mall is open, 10am to 9pm (11am ot 7pm Sunday). When parking at the mall, keep to the west side, not far from Nordstrom’s mall entrance.

What did you think of the School of Magic? Comment below.


The Beanstalk is Open at Escape Space Games in Tualatin

New room available at Escape Space Games in Tualatin. The Beanstalk is bookable and recommended for 4 to 8 participants /$25 per person, $20 for kids/ public booking. According to their website:

“You may recall the “Beanstalk Incident” that was news for a brief time, but after Jack chopped it down that seemed like the end of the story. Since then, the garden has been quietly maintained by the family through all these generations and a small bit of magic has been preserved. Now the current caretaker is getting restless and is looking for a worthy successor. Do you have what it takes to discover the secrets of the garden?”

Check it out and comment below what you thought about The Beanstalk?

Jurassic Tours: Back to the Past at NW Escape Experience

We previously reported on a new time-travel-themed room opening at NW Escape Experience in Vancouver, Washington. Based on the previous image, we expected an homage to Back to the Future but now looks like we’ll be traveling much further back in time. NW Escape Experience is offering a limited number of pre-sale packages, which include:

  • Experience for 2, 4, or 6 players ($64/$128/$192);
  • A Jurassic Tours: Back To The Past t-shirt for each player; and
  • Early booking access.

Stumptown Speakeasy Escape Coming Soon

Stumptown Escape Games is retiring Seance and will be opening up Stumptown Speakeasy. The last day of Seance will be June 30th. The speakeasy themed room is scheduled to open July 26th. According to the email notice about the new room:

“You have discovered that the mobster that runs the speakeasy you recently started working for is much more brutal than you originally thought. Even though he makes the best beer in town, you can’t in good conscience let him continue to torture your coworkers. 

So, you have tipped off the cops and they will be there in just one hour to raid the joint. Not wanting to deny the world his tasty concoction, you have to find the jealously guarded secret recipe and leave the city so that you can open a kinder, gentler speakeasy in another town.”

Sundown Saloon at Portland Escape Rooms

The zombies have left the building. In their place, the Sundown Saloon has opened at Portland Escape Rooms in Beaverton.

“A quiet night turns dire when the Blue Bandit and his gang of outlaws hold up the Sundown Saloon!  In this Wild West adventure, you and your fellow cowpokes have to get word to the Sheriff… before the Sundown Saloon burns to the ground!”


Pirate Room Open at Labyrinth in Downtown Portland

Mutiny is now available to book at Labyrinth Escape Games in Downtown Portland. According to their website:

“A swashbuckling adventure for all ages, with a little bit of spooky pirate atmosphere inspired by The Goonies, and Hook. Blending history and fantasy inspired by Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean, Mutiny will be sure to please for years to come.”

It looks like Mutiny has keelhauled Blitzkreig at the Portland location.


Escape Games PDX Retiring Prison Break (Plus…Great Prison Escape Movies)

Escape Games PDX has retired their Prison Break room, with “an even better experience for you in the future.” In the meantime, try out their other rooms:

  • Film Noir
  • Amnesia
  • Portlandia
  • Sherlock’s Secret

We’ve done all the rooms at Escape Games PDX and had a good time. During Prison Break, a key (the correct key) broke off in the lock, so that complicated things a bit. But complications are to be expected during prison breaks. While we wait to see what Escape Games PDX comes up with next, check out some of our favorite prison break films:

  1. The Great Escape
  2. Escape from Alcatraz
  3. The Shawshank Redemption
  4. Papillon
  5. A Man Escaped
  6. Stalag 17
  7. Cool Hand Luke
  8. Midnight Express
  9. The Grand Illusion
  10. Down by Law

Do you enjoy prison break themed escape rooms? What are your favorite escape room themes?

Mental Trap Beaverton is Closed. Moving to Portland.

Mental Trap in Beaverton is now closed (well, closed as of November 1, 2018. Sorry). It looks like they were forced to leave. Mental Trap had some of the most fun sets, thanks to their background in haunted houses. But the good news is, they’ll be coming Portland. According to their website, they will be “moving to Portland very soon.”

Their facebook page shows some photos of their new rooms: Fortune Teller and No Vacancy. This will be opening in the Glowing Greens location in Downtown Portland on SW Taylor between 5th and 6th.

Stay tuned for more news about when they open. We’re looking forward to checking out their new rooms.


New Room Coming to Portland Escape Rooms

Portland Escape Rooms (in Beaverton) has a number of escape rooms we’ve done over the years, including:

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie is on its way out with a new room scheduled to arrive in April, according to an email from Portland Escape Rooms. The email also says there will be a contest coming with a chance to win tickets to the new game:

“Anxious to see what we have in store? You’ll have plenty of chances to guess what the big reveal is. We’ll be teasing this new game in the weeks to come. Keep an eye out on our social media for a chance to throw out your best guess and possibly win free tickets to our newest game!”

Stay tuned to find out what the new room will be. We’ll be sure to check it out soon after it opens.