Mad Genius Comes to SE Portland

[Update: Mad Genius now has 3 rooms. The newest room, Battle of the Ancients is fantastic and highly recommended. So now you have 3 recommended rooms in one convenient SE location!]

It seems like forever since a new escape room company opened in Portland. Mad Genius has just arrived with 2 rooms. A welcome addition to the Portland escape room scene, check out their Cat Lady and Siren Song rooms. We’re already looking forward to their next addition. See below for more info.

We tried the Cat Lady room the first week Mad Genius was opened to the public. This was a fun and unique room with a variety of puzzles, locks, and a quirky story. And the twist was unexpected! This room left us with plenty to keep our hands full. In the end, we did not make it out in time, but we had a lot of fun trying to figure out what Mrs. Humphrey’s was up to. This one we’d recommend with 4 or more people.

Next up was Siren Song. This was another fun room, with plenty to keep us busy. the decorations fit the theme well, complete with sound and lighting effects. Again, a nice variety of puzzles and good use of technology. We got our hands on the immortality orb just in time, thanks to a couple of hints that kept us on track.

Mad Genius is one of the few escape rooms with a convenient storefront location, right on Hawthorne in Southeast Portland. They also are one of the few escape room companies with convenient hours, open from 1 pm to 9 pm 6 days a week (sorry Tuesday). The owners are escape room fans with escape room experience, and obviously care about the customer experience. We definitely recommend checking out Mad Genius.

Mad Genius Escape Co.
2 rooms. Cat Lady; Siren Song
$30 pp. Public and private booking. (Every day except Tuesday).
1444 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR, 97214
(971) 242–8810

Have you escaped from Mad Genius? Leave a comment below.


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