New Escape Room in Hood River: Escape the Hood

The latest escape room to open in Oregon is not in Portland–it’s in Hood River. Hood River is better known for outdoor activities and excellent breweries. It’s exciting to see that there is now there is a new activity for people to try after a day of kitesurfing (and before getting a drink at pFriem, Full Sail, or Double Mountain).

Davekeleher__retro_logo_copy (2)

According to their website, “Escape The Hood is the Columbia Gorge’s BEST escape room! okay, it is the only escape room… but it is GREAT.”

Escape the Hood was started by a father and son team Dave and Dana Keleher.  Like many of us, they tried an escape room and were instantly hooked. “My son and I, along with a few others tried Hour To Midnight as our first game experience.  We loved it from the start,” said Dave.

My son and I drove home separately, but we both decided on our drive home that night that this was a business we wanted to try.  We both have a creative side and thought this would be a great way to put our brains to use.”
Escape the Hood’s first room is The Warehouse, with The World Traveler coming soon. According to the designers, The Warehouse, “is very Hood River and deals with agriculture.”

“Yes, you are trapped in a room.  As you look around, you start to notice strange objects and messages… With just your wits, clues from the office manager, and signs left in his office, you must solve the mysteries and find the codes to unlock the safe.  If you find the secret combo, you can get access to the only healthy food sources left.”

What are the biggest challenges opening a new escape room in Hood River?  “Getting the word out,” says Dave. “Amazing how many people have never heard of an escape game experience.”  

I’m always excited to see a new escape room company pop up on the map, and we’ve added it to the Portland Oregon Escape Room List and map. We’re looking forward to giving Escape the Hood a try.

Have you checked out Escape the Hood yet?

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