Combo & Key – The Case of the Missing O.D. – Tigard

The Case of the Missing O.D. is set in an eye doctor’s office where your goal is to locate the missing optometrist. Combo & Key initially started in an actual optical store, but they’ve since moved to a dedicated “escape room” location. We had a good experience with Combo & Key, though there is too much going on for a two-person team. They have recently opened a second room and we look forward to checking it out. See below for the full review.

“Our optometrist has gone missing. I was worried about him when he started muttering nonsense to himself, but now I’m just scared. What is the Lazarov Sanctum and what are they trying to summon? Hopefully, the 6 of you will be able to find out where he’s gone…

Combo & Key’s room is set up like an eye doctor’s office. We were briefed on our mission, to find out what happened to the missing doctor. Immediately, we started exploring the room for hints, clues, and locks. Things started out well but as time continued on, we realized this would be very difficult for only two people.

There were a number of varied puzzles to get us through the multiple locks, unlocking further clues and parts of the story. Our searching skills were not up to snuff, requiring some helpful hints from the GM. The closer the clock got to 60 minutes, the more generous the GM was in helping us along, allowing us to finish just in the nick of time. However, even at the end, there was an unexpected twist that you’ll have to experience for yourself.

Combo & Key bills itself as an escape room with a story, which is a good assessment. There was a lot of background detail involved in the story, with some interesting Lovecraftian elements. There were also some cultural references/Easter Eggs that were a nice touch. Unfortunately, with only two people, we were too busy rushing to get much of the detail. I’d have liked to know more about the story and see some of the details but we simply didn’t have enough time.

There was an additional bonus mission, which was much more extensive than I’d expected. The GM walked us through the bonus mission after, which would probably be difficult for a 4-person team to do in within the hour. We also got to see a few more of the story elements afterward, which we enjoyed.

All the puzzles were fair and there were no misleading red herrings. For two people, however, there was simply too much to do at the same time. This was the first room we’ve done that was not totally closed off, which took away from the “escape” experience in a way. We also experienced a technical issue with one of the props that the GM was aware of and has since fixed.

For these reasons, I’d recommend about 6 people for this room, though it could be done with 4. Although, I’m generally not a fan of public bookings, for this room a mix of experienced and new players together could actually be an asset.

Located right on the border of Beaverton and Tigard, and about 20 minutes from Downtown Portland, Combo & Key began as a Kickstarter-funded project. (Check out James’ campaign video, which is pretty entertaining). Things seem to be going pretty well for the team, and they’ve just opened their second room in the same location, Psycho Pschool: Out For Summer. We look forward to trying that one out soon.

Cost: $25 per person for 2 to 6 people. Open Wednesday to Sunday. Public Booking.


10160 SW Nimbus Ave, Ste F2
Tigard, OR, 97223
(971) 217-7090

Have you found the Missing D.O.?

Full Disclosure: Key & Combo comped our game.

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