The Diner – Quicksand Escape Games – San Diego

The Diner was recommended to us by other enthusiasts, so on our recent trip to San Diego, we finally got to check it out. The Diner had a fun theme, great decorations, and an unexpected twist that made for a very enjoyable escape room experience. Highly recommended. See below for the full review.

“After a wild night at a mob bar a few decades ago, you took up with the wrong crowd and now you find yourself about to rob the local diner. This isn’t your first gig and you’re hoping it won’t be your last. The boys didn’t give much detail, but said the prep work is all set; just be in and out in less than an hour. If you can pull it off, you’ll be in the “Money Honey”. On the other hand, if you mess this one up, you’ll be writing your own version of “Jailhouse Rock”, ya dig?

The Diner came recommended by EscapeRoomTips, as one of their 5 Best Escape Rooms in San Diego of 2017.  The Diner is set up…well…like a diner! Complete with all the retro elements you’d expect from a real ’50s diner. (Source: One of the team of Escaperoomers on this trip is from New Jersey, and they know their diners!) Our mission: to rob the diner.

The props, sets, and decorations in this room were spot on. They fit with the theme and were still part of the active escape experience. It really felt like we were running around inside a diner after closing, (although, if this were a real diner, I might have grabbed a slice of pie. Note: plastic pie tastes terrible).

The room required communication and teamwork to work through the clues. There were a nice variety of puzzles, which all generally fit with the theme. Then, as we neared the finish, a surprise! Without giving anything away, it fit perfectly with the story and took the whole experience up a notch. We successfully completed our mission and with a few minutes to spare.

From the initial booking until we made our escape, we had a good experience with Quicksand Escape Games and look forward to trying the Speakeasy and their new room currently in the works. The GM (Lindsey) was helpful, positive, and made sure we enjoyed our experience.

We highly recommend Quicksand Escape Games for anyone looking for an escape room in San Diego. We would recommend it for enthusiasts and beginners alike. For beginners, we recommend 4-6 people; for experienced players, we recommend 2-4.

Kudos to Quicksand Escape Games for offering private bookings. Check out their blog post, “Private Escape Rooms Are Better Than Public Games.” As they say, “we’ve never met a customer who preferred being paired with strangers to their own private game if/when given the choice.” This echoes our sentiments.

1001 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109


Have you robbed The Diner?

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