In Search of an Exit – Lombino’s Casino – Portland

Lombino’s Casino is a backroom gambling parlor puzzle room where the goal is to take down the mob. Lombino’s Casino used to be part of the 60 Minutes to Escape family but has since moved to a new location inside the Velo Cult building. Being big fans of Spark of Resistance, we signed up as soon as we heard of Lombino’s and had a great experience.  See below for the full review.

“Explore Vinny Lombino’s poker room, untouched since 1988. Work together with your friends and family to solve the puzzles and take down the Lombino mob family once and for all!

Lombino’s Casino is set up like a backroom gambling parlor, frozen in time since the late 80s. There were a variety of puzzles that integrated well with the props and decorations. The puzzles were challenging for two experienced escape roomers, and we required a couple of hints. No red herrings and nothing misleading here, which is always appreciated.

Overall, we really enjoyed Lombino’s Casino, and would recommend it for enthusiasts and beginners alike. For beginners, I’d recommend 6-8 people; for experienced players, I’d recommend 2-4.

We tried the room when it was part of 60 Minutes to Escape. However, after 60 Minutes to Escape closed for Summer 2017, Lombino’s Casino was re-opened as “In Search of an Exit Productions.” In Search of an Exit is located in the basement of Velo Cult, just off NE Sandy in the Hollywood neighborhood, making it pretty convenient for those visiting the city without a car.


1969 NE 42nd Avenue
Portland OR 97213
(503) 862-3253

Have you taken on Lombino’s Casino?

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