Escape Games PDX – Prison Break – Portland

After we had a good experience with Portlandia and Sherlock’s Secret, we returned to try Prison Break. Unfortunately, some technical problems, miscommunication with the employee, and limited reveals compared to previous rooms put Prison Break at the bottom of the list for Escape Games PDX. See below for the full review.

“Yeah, you are guilty but you don’t want to stay locked up in jail forever! There is a mastermind behind the planning of a huge escape from the prison but you have to find out how to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right tools in order to break free and get back to freedom. You’ve got just one hour to discover the plan and find the objects needed in your escape, if not, you’ve just earned a life sentence!

The room is set up like a prison, with a large prison cell taking up most of the room. The cell comes with all the creature comforts of a prison cell. Like any good prison escape room, the experience begins with being handcuffed! The experience also requires careful awareness of the time limit and surroundings, so as not to alert the prison guard who comes in regularly to make sure nothing funny is going.

This room does rely on a decent amount of searching/scavenging, probably not our strong suit. After a couple of hints, we managed to get out of the cuffs. However, a key/lock malfunction required us to alert the gamemaster that there was a problem. We waited while they came in a couple of times, to fix the problem, while we remained trapped in the cell. It took more than a few minutes, and the GM said not to worry, that she’d put 5 minutes back on the clock for us.

We continued with the room, made pretty good progress while requiring another hint. We craftily tricked the “prison guard” who did not suspect we were actively working on our escape. In the last few minutes, we were rushing, causing some tension amongst the team of wannabe escapees. Unfortunately, time ran out with only one more puzzle to solve.

The GM came in and showed us the final puzzle, which was as we’d anticipated. I asked if she’d added 5 minutes to the clock b/c of the technical problem, and she said she forgot to do so. So, I was annoyed that the game had been stopped even though we would likely have made it out but for the defect.

Without spoiling anything, this room was lacking something that I’d enjoyed in both Sherlock’s and Portlandia. I’d place this room in the bottom of Escape Games PDX’s 4 rooms. However, it may be the only prison break-themed room in the area, if that’s what you’re looking for. Luckily for us, Insomnia was available immediately after, which ended up being probably my favorite of all of their rooms.


Escape Games PDX has public booking, but they do maintain a relatively extensive operating schedule compared to other local companies. If you are flexible with your times, you have a good chance of booking a room for your group, but there is always the risk of others joining you.

Their website indicates a 35% success rate for Prison Break. Enthusiasts may be able to complete the room with a group of two, but for beginners or anyone else, I’d recommend a team of 4 to 6. Escape Games PDX has 3 other rooms to try, including Insomnia, Portlandia, and Sherlock’s Secret.

2636 NW 26th Ave. Suite 2
Portland OR, 97210
(503) 208-7353

Have you escaped Escaped Games PDX’s Prison Break?

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