3rd Day Escape – San Diego

I purchased a Groupon months before and worried about having to use it up before time expired. So, while we were in San Diego, we booked an open slot and (unfortunately…again!), showed up to find that we were forced into an escape with another couple. (Damn you American booking systems!!!). See below for the full review.

Anyway, the female counterpart in the couple was great and really worked towards the team’s objective of escaping the room. She had great communication, expressed her ideas, kept working towards the goal, and focused on the tasks at hand. Honestly, I’d put her on our team in any tough challenge. She was on! Unfortunately, her male counterpart was pretty worthless, and kind of got in the way. He mostly snacked on candy while we were trying to figure out the puzzles, and occasionally made things more difficult.

This was a multi-room experience and considering the price we paid, we had a lot of fun. There were a couple of logical stretches, but nothing unfair. I think having 4-6 people is necessary to completing this room. There are no major payoffs and the final half of the puzzle was pretty basic, but overall the room was fun. I’d put this squarely in the middle of San Diego escape rooms. It checked off the requirements for an escape room experience, but didn’t really offer anything unique.

*As a side note, it took me until we were about to leave before I figured out the name of the company was related to Jesus’ disappearance from the tomb. I asked the employee about it, and he made it clear that the company was not focused on proselytizing or conversion or anything. So don’t worry, this is not a front for some cult where you have to sign away your soul to Jesus. There are no such requirements hidden in the fine print of the waiver.

“If we play a Jesus gig, we’ll be selling our souls.”

“Yeah, but Jesus is the best person to sell your soul to.”

–Peep Show

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