Escape Games PDX – Portlandia – Portland

Two of us returned to Escape Games PDX for an afternoon escape from Portlandia. I’d enjoyed Sherlock’s Secret and was holding out hope for Portlandia. This was another solid experience and Escape Games PDX is moving up on the list for fun escape rooms in Portland. This company is in the top 3 companies to check out when you visit to escape in the City of Roses. See below for the full review.

“Whether you call it Rip City, Stumptown, The City of Roses, or just PDX, our Portlandia room will have you loving all that Keeps Portland Weird! But don’t get too comfortable in this decked-out apartment, if you don’t find all the curious clues that make Portland amazing and discover how to solve the puzzles, you might end up trapped there forever!“*

The room is set up like an apartment, with a definite focus on all things Portland, namely bridges, beers, and bikes. After a short briefing, we began exploring. Just like with their Sherlock room, I thought I didn’t like searching rooms, but we had a great time here. They have a nice balance of searching/scavenging along with interesting puzzles, without cluttering up the room.

This room is really tough for 2 people, even experienced escape roomers. Without hints, we never would have made it. However, after getting the hint, we had some ‘of course’ moments. The answers made sense, we’d just missed the connections. Nothing misleading here, no red herrings, which I really appreciated. There were a couple of really fun surprises, which I obviously cannot talk about. You’ll have to see for yourself.

I got the chance to talk with one of the owners afterwards and asked her about future rooms and new plans. I may have talked her ear off, but it was clear she is really interested in providing a fun and unique experience for customers. I look forward to trying their Prison Escape room, as well as a new room that is in the works.

Although we always prefer the private booking system that is rarely available in U.S. escape rooms, Escape Games PDX does have pretty open availability during the week, which makes it possible to book a room for your group if you are flexible on time. They also occasionally offer Groupon discounts.


Their website indicates a 42% success rate for Portlandia. Enthusiasts may be able to complete the room with a group of two, but for beginners or anyone else, I’d recommend a team of 4 to 8. Escape Games PDX has 2 other rooms and will be opening a new one soon. Check Groupon for discounted passes.

2636 NW 26th Ave. Suite 2
Portland OR, 97210
(503) 208-7353

Have you escaped Portlandia?

*My personal favorite nickname for Portland comes from staffers of former President George H.W. Bush. They apparently referred to Portland as Little Beirut, because of the many protesters he encountered during his visits to the city.

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