Escape Room The Game – Spin Master – Virus

Part II of Spin Master’s Escape Room the Game: The Virus.

In short, this was better than the prison break but a malfunction with the decoder finally made me give up on Spin Master’s game. I gave up. I gave the box to another person. In short. Save your money. Think Fun’s games are just plain better. See below for a further rant.

A couple of weeks after a disappointing Prison Break, I finally decided to try Virus. If it was bad, I would unload the game on some unwitting escape room enthusiast. This time I was on my own. It started out okay. The first puzzle consisted of about 4 parts. It took some trial and error because there could have been a couple of different answers. I thought one of the puzzles was very clever, and something I’d never seen before. However, when I went to enter in my numbers, the decoder said I was wrong. I was confused because once you get the answer, it is very clear that it is the correct answer. There is really no way to get it partly right.

I tried again and again, with no luck. I finally went online to do their walkthrough and confirmed I had the right answer. I eventually called Spin Master who said they would have to call me back the next day.

I moved on to Part 2. Learning from my mistakes on Prison Break helped with this part. There were, again, about 4 parts to this puzzle. One of the clues required using a hint card for an answer that I think wasn’t very intuitive. Another clue required some thoughtless busy work to get the answer, but the other parts were pretty good and included a couple of clever bits. Again, my final answer didn’t work in the decoder but I moved on because I was sure it was right.

Part 3 was probably the weakest of the puzzles. I got around the ‘right’ way to do part of it, and when I read the right way, I thought it would have been pretty tough to figure out. Overall, Virus was much, much better than Prison Break. I think Spin Master’s made a real mistake by having players complete Prison Break first. It was almost bad enough to turn me off of doing the rest of the game. I’m glad I tried Virus, unfortunately, the decoder didn’t work.

Later that day, I took the batteries out and put them back in, and it worked again. Sigh.

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