Find + Seek – The Majestic Theatre – Vancouver, Canada

Find and Seek was a fun puzzle experience with some great tech and fun props. The room was nicely decorated and well-run with a variety of puzzles. The room is great for people who enjoy a linear experience without a lot of searching, (which we enjoyed). If you’re in Downtown Vancouver and looking for an escape room experience, check it out. See below for the full review.

“Professor Magnus was using the theatre as his testing grounds to perfect his powers gained from the relics. One of those relics must remain hidden somewhere inside.Can you help us recover the relic hidden within the Majestic Theatre?”

We were in town for a short 2-day trip and I was hoping to get in some escape rooms. I expected Vancouver to have more rooms, but they all appear to be in Richmond, a suburb south of Vancouver. For a short visit we were limited to downtown Vancouver. Find and Seek was recommended by fellow enthusiasts, so this was the first room I booked.(On a side note, I reached out to Guess HQ a couple of times, but they were not very helpful or accommodating, so I’ll skip using them on the next visit to Vancouver. Other rooms had a minimum number of people that exceeded our headcount).

Find and Seek is convenient to the waterfront area, located inside a mall and a short walk from public transportation. We were greeted by the host who gave us the usual rundown. This was the first 45-minute room we’ve done, which unsurprisingly felt more rushed than a 60-minute room. I felt a bit of the time crunch from the moment the clock started.

We started out quite well, identifying the initial puzzles and working on solving them. This room is pretty tech heavy, without the traditional combination or key locks. The production value is high and the room is nicely decorated. The puzzles were interactive and the props were fun to work with.

We finished with just about a minute left with a couple of hints. One of the hints was used on a puzzle that I think could have gone a few different ways. I don’t think it was as intuitive as the puzzle designer thought. The host gave us a hint on another puzzle that we hadn’t figured out yet, helping along the way. At this point, the clock was ticking, and the pressure was getting to us. The final puzzle was something we needed a third hint with because we hadn’t connected it with something we’d seen earlier.

Overall, I’d recommend Find and Seek if you are in Vancouver. It was convenient to get to, had a high production value, and the hosts were friendly. It was tough for 2 people but doable. They plan to open another room soon, which I’ll check out the next time we’re in Vancouver.

88 West Pender St.
Unit #2075 (Tinseltown – 2nd floor)
Vancouver BC
V6B 6N9
(778) 379-7727

Have you solved The Majestic Theatre?



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