Dublin Escape – Espionage – Dublin, Ireland

It’s so nice to be in a city where wandering around will allow you to happen upon an escape room. This is how we found Dublin Escape. We stopped in and were happy to find that a room was free at the time. Thus began our escape from Espionage. This room really spoke to our way of thinking, and we got out very quickly with no hints. It was one of those times, I can only say, we were just “ON.” See below for the full review.

It is set in an everyday apartment. However, as you may expect there is a twist. Your team has been challenged with retrieving data that has been obtained by the journalist residing there. The apartment consists of clean lines and minimalistic design to hide a variety of complexities. In rooms containing hidden drawers, locked boxes and other more obscure items you need to try and find where to begin. That could be the biggest puzzle of them all.”

There are times when you are “on” and when you are “off” and this experience was one of those on-days. The people who designed this room must have a similar mindset to us. We understood immediately what the puzzles were looking for and what we needed to do to get the answer. That was, until, we got to a puzzle in a room that we could not make heads or tails of. Finally, we figured out that we needed more information and eventually worked to get that. After that, the answer was at hand.

It may sound like the room was easy. I can assure you it was NOT. Throughout this experience, we were working frantically, running about as only motivated escapers will do. I really enjoyed this experience, tremendously. It was generally linear, with a variety of puzzles, some of which really put it to you to think creatively. Whatever this company is doing, they don’t have sloppy puzzles. In our previous dozen escape room experiences, there were a number of technical difficulties and messy puzzles. It was nice to have a straightforward puzzling experience.

I have since found out that this is a company with locations throughout Scotland, Ireland, England, and even has a location in the U.S. and Dubai. The owner appears to be set on franchising the operations. As long as they keep the naming conventions the same, I’m happy to try out some of their other locations, so I know I won’t be doing the same room.

Escape Dublin is equally great for first-timers and experienced escape room enthusiasts. If you’re a first timer, you won’t get frustrated by broken tech, illogical puzzles, or untested experiences. If you are an experienced escape room enthusiast, you may get out quickly, but it will be a confirmation of your experience! I really have nothing negative to say about Dublin Escape, which is rare. When I come across another franchise location, I look forward to trying another room with (City Name) Escape.



6 Whitefriars
Aungier Street
Dublin 2

Tel: 0874 496702
Weds – Sun 10:00 – 20:30

Have you escaped the Espionage room?


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