Great Escape Rooms – Quarantine – Galway, Ireland

Quarantine Hospital Room was not only the third room we tried with Great Escape Rooms in Galway, it also got us a free T-shirt!! After Prison Break and The Auld Shebeen, we had to complete all 3 for the T-shirt offer. This room had a couple of tough puzzles, and some very interesting props. Although there were a couple of red herrings, we were not overly distracted and managed to escape in time with a couple of hints. See below for the full review.

While hiking through the woods, you and your friends discover a deserted building in the wilderness. Hesitantly you enter the building and to your surprise you discover that some kind of top secret experiment has taken place here, but something went horribly wrong…… Just as you are about to leave, the door mysteriously locks behind you, leaving you and your friends trapped inside. Is something lurking in the darkness? What on earth has happened here? Revealing the truth behind the buried past is the only way to earn your freedom.

I didn’t get the whole “hiking through the woods” part of the story, but I may not have been paying attention. The set looks like a hospital room with a surprising feature that may make you jump when you first take off your blindfold.

We were able to identify some of the important puzzles pretty easily, and made it through the first part of the game on our own. We got stuck looking for a number about halfway through and had to burn a hint. The reveal wasn’t too satisfying, and I’m guessing most teams have to ask for a hint on that part, so we continued on.

In the second room there were a couple of red herrings that were distracting. After working with one of the red herrings for a few minutes, I determined that it was a red herring, and wouldn’t be able to help, so we kept walking around the room, stuck again, looking for a clue. We finally had to ask for another clue as time was winding down, which helped us complete the rest of the puzzles and escape with about 5 minutes left.

They claim a 5-10% success rate, which seems a little low. They also say no one has escaped without using clues. I believe it. I also think that may be a sign that at least one of the clues is not very intuitive. But hey, I’m an experienced enthusiast, so I get to be picky.

After completing all three rooms at Great Escape Rooms, we collected our free t-shirt, which I think actually looks really nice. As a former t-shirt company dabbler, I appreciated the quality of the shirt with front and back printing. Again, Prison Break was probably the best overall escape room of the three, The Auld Shebeen was interesting for room searchers, and Quarantine was number 3.

All three rooms were guided by the same employee, a Croatian guy (but I can’t remember his name). He was great and improved the overall experience. He was very welcoming, enthusiastic, and really seemed to care that we enjoyed the experience. He was also paying attention throughout our escape play, so when we did need a hint, he knew where we were at.
27 Upper Abbeygate Steet, Galway
Phone: 091536979
Mon – Sun 13:00 – 19:00 (or until 22:00 with pre-booking)

Have you escaped the Quarantine Hospital?


(Admittedly, I look kinda creepy in that photo)

One thought on “Great Escape Rooms – Quarantine – Galway, Ireland

  1. I find each of your reviews well written with a touch of humor that I enjoy. Since you seem to travel extensively, I would recommend looking into the new Malmo, Sweden escape room located in an old house. I’d be interested in the house as well as the escape rooms.

    Keep up the great reviews!


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