Great Escape Rooms – Prison Break – Galway, Ireland

After completing Asylroom, we continued our promenade around Galway and stumbled across another escape room. Great Escape Rooms had Prison Break available, so we gave it a shot. Some interesting puzzles and we had enough fun that we came back the next day to try their remaining rooms. There were a couple of problems with the room that I think could be fixed to make it better. See below for the full review.

Great Escape Rooms in Galway has 3 rooms: The Auld Shebeen; Quarantine; and Prison Break. Prison Break was open at the time, so we opted to bust out of jail. This was the 4th jail-themed room I’ve tried. All the Great Escape Rooms begin with being blindfolded. Once the blindfolds came off, we found ourselves in a prison cell.

“You’re trapped in a prison and you don’t know why – but you know you need to escape. Can you and your friends get out of the prison before the worst happens? Uncover the past crimes of sketchy individuals and their secret clues to escape the prison!”

We used a couple of hints and got out with plenty of time. Unfortunately, similar to Asylroom, we found out that we got out without doing things the right way. There was an entire puzzle that we didn’t right, but the way we did it still opened the bars. I think the problem was that two puzzles relied on a similar technology.

The biggest issue I had was that a multi-part puzzle led to an answer that was totally unnecessary. The clues we had pointed to a three digit number. That number was used on a prop that we’d already gotten to the bottom of. So we kept looking for the three digit number even though we didn’t need it.

Another problem involved audio quality. There was an audible clue that we couldn’t quite understand. We listened to it again and again, thinking it could have meant a couple of things. In the end, we had to use a couple of hints on this because we couldn’t hear the message very clearly.

A few too many books for my taste, and a couple of red herrings, although they were not very distracting for experienced escape roomers. They claim a 15-20% success rate, with no one escaping without getting at least one hint.


Great Escape Rooms is currently ranked as the #1 Fun and Games attraction in Galway, although I preferred Asylroom. We ended up trying all three rooms at Great Escape Rooms. This is probably the best overall escape room of the three. The Auld Shebeen (pub-themed) mostly involves searching, with very few puzzles. Quarantine was my least favorite, and probably had the most red herrings.
27 Upper Abbeygate Steet, Galway
Phone: 091536979
Mon – Sun 13:00 – 19:00 (or until 22:00 with pre-booking)

Have you escaped from the Prison Break Room?


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