Asylroom – Sherlocked – Galway, Ireland

Walking around Galway, we stumbled across Asylroom and walked in to see if they could accommodate us. They could, and we tried to escape from Sherlocked. The experience was fun, although there were a couple of problems. If you’re in Galway and are looking for an escape room, check out Asylroom. See below for the full review.

Asylroom has 3 rooms: Sherlocked; Se7en Sins; and DaVinci. Upon the employee’s recommendation, we opted for Sherlocked. Not surprisingly, Sherlocked is a Sherlock Holmes themed escape room. The decorations fit the theme, but I’m not sure if there was much of a story involved. The door was closed and the timer began.

We ended up getting out in 43 minutes with not hints. It was fun, and if we stuck around another day or two, we would have tried DaVinci. Instead, we went over to Great Escape Rooms and got sucked into their offer to try all three rooms for a free T-shirt. I think Asylroom was a little better than Great Escape; however, the Irish escape room scene could use an influx of quality rooms. Given the reputation for Irish weather, I’d think escape rooms would be a great way for people to get out of the rain, if they aren’t quite ready to grab a pint.

A couple of problems. After we got out, we were told that there was a clue that we hadn’t discovered. We figured out 2/3rds of a 3-digit lock, so the last digit was pretty simple to brute force. After we got out, the employee showed us what we were supposed to do, and it would have been tough to figure out.

There were apparently two ways to get the 3-digit answer, which I personally don’t think is good puzzle design. The other way came about by chance based on a prop in the room. The employee said someone figured out (this random bit of numbers could lead to an answer) so they made it part of the puzzle. In my opinion, get rid of it.

Asylroom is currently ranked as the #4 Fun and Games attraction in Galway. Overall, if you’re in Galway, I’d recommend checking out Asylroom.
60 Dominick Street Lower, Galway
Phone: 085 220 65 13
Mon – Friday 16:00 – 22:15
Sat – Sun 12:15 – 22:15



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