Escapism – Magician’s Menagerie – Portland

UPDATED. After The Wizard’s Lair, we were hoping The Magician’s Menagerie would be less buggy. The three of us returned (after Ritual Room and Wizard’s Lair), hoping this room would be more Ritual Room and less Wizard’s Lair. Unfortunately, it was plagued by technical problems which really made the experience rather frustrating. A few interesting and new puzzles, but Escapism should really do more beta testing before opening a room. A few simple changes would make the room much more enjoyable. See below for the full review.

UPDATE: I’ve heard back from Escapism and they’ve made some adjustments and updates to their rooms. I talked to people who have gone through the rooms since our visit and they’ve confirmed these changes. So all of my technical complaints should not be an issue. It is good to see that Escapism takes the customer’s experience seriously and is interested in providing a great experience. Escapism also remains one of the few companies in Portland that provides private bookings as a standard practice, which is hard to find in U.S. escape rooms.

“Pierre Renaut was a world famous magician at the peak of his influence just two days ago. Now, he is a reviled prisoner soon to be hanged for the astonishing murder of his young assistant, Alita. During the grand finale of his show, Pierre performed his saw a girl in half illusion, but Alita was really sawed in half! Pierre claims his prop must have been tampered with, but no one believes him. Step backstage and discover Pierre’s world behind the curtain. His turn at the gallows is in just 60 minutes, unless you can prove his innocence. Learn the secrets behind his “magic” tricks and how it could have gone so wrong.”


Cost: $90 for 2-5 people, $120 for 6-8, and $150 for 9-12 (I’d recommend 4-6)

Location: 910 NW Joy Ave, Portland, OR 97229 (Out near Beaverton)


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