Escapism – The Attic – San Diego

During a recent trip to San Diego, I grew restless with my freedom and sought to be locked in a room. Escapism was accommodating, and I set about on my first solo escape from The Attic. A good variety of puzzles in a fun atmosphere. I really enjoyed the experience and booked another room with Escapism immediately after. See below for the full review.

The Attic
July 2016
Number of Escaperoomers: 1! Solo Escape.
Number of Randos: 0
Overall Time: Just under 50 minutes.

Hints Taken: 3 or 4 I think?

“You are house-sitting for a seemingly friendly neighbor, when a noise draws you to the attic, just to discover something is terribly wrong. You must escape.”


A lot of bad things can happen in the attic. So it makes sense that this is a place I should try and get out of ASAP. After the timer started, I found some things I might need, and set about with the first puzzle. I definitely was over-thinking it, and after a few minutes, I had to ask for my first clue. From there, things progressed pretty well.

The set fit the story pretty well, and the props followed the theme. It felt like I was in an attic, although there is sufficient room for a group of people to maneuver while looking around for clues, puzzles, and a way out. There were some interesting puzzles with some I had never seen before, including interactive props, and revealing secrets.

I’d recommend 2-4 people for this room. The variety works for multiple people to focus on different things, although it generally follows a linear route. For one person, the room was tough. Although there was not a lot of searching or scavenging necessary, searching is definitely harder with one person. This came back to bite me on one puzzle.

In the end, I got out with a little over 10 minutes left. It wasn’t easy, but I kicked myself for a couple of basic mistakes. I enjoyed myself enough that I asked to book the next time slot to escape Gallery 3919. The staff was very friendly and accommodating to me as a solo player. Escapism has plans for 2 more rooms in the next year, The Dungeon and The Brewery. I will be back to try those when they open, probably as a team of 2 or 3.


3919 4th ave Suite A, San Diego CA 92103
(619) 866-2670

$30/per person. Book the slot. May get combined with others.
Open 7 days a week. Check their website for times and dates.

Have you escaped from The Attic?

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