Puzzah! – Kazam! – Denver!

Ok, I added that last exclamation point in the title above, in keeping with the theme. When visiting a friend in Denver, we decided to let him in this whole escape room thing. The closest room that we could book in time was Puzzah!’s Kazam! Decorations were fun, puzzles were interactive, and we got out by the skin of our teeth. See below for the full review.

October 2015
Number of Escaperoomers: 3
Number of Randos: 0
Overall Time: We literally finished with 1 second left.

Hints Taken: A couple?

“Welcome to Kellar Kazam’s attic, filled with clocks and magical delights. Armed with only a pair of special glasses, you have to unravel the mystery of Kazam’s disappearance. Skilled apprentices may unlock bonus challenges concealed among his personal effects. Are you worthy of carrying on his legacy?”

Bookable for 2 to 5 players, I think 3 was the right number. One of us had done about 9 rooms at this point, for another it was #3, and for our local friend, this was his first. A brief introduction and in we went. I really like the eclectic decorations in this room. They had a good variety of puzzles, with some pretty elaborate and clever props and puzzles. You’re not going to find a pile of store-bought combination locks here!

We needed a couple of hints, which are delivered by way of a computer screen. Not entirely fitting with the atmosphere, but efficient at giving us the information we needed to keep moving. Everything moved at a good pace; however, as time was running out we were getting a little frantic.

With seconds left, we finished what we thought was the correct answer, then gave up as the timer sounded. We thought we’d lost. However, when the employee came in, she said congratulations. Apparently, we had finished in time, although the final puzzle didn’t seem like the big reveal I’d anticipated. It seems like RoomEscapeArtist had a similar (yet opposite) experience with Puzzah!’s The Steal.

Overall, we had fun, and I would recommend Puzzah! to anyone in the Denver area. We are returning this October, and our friend has been talking about 3 things: defending our pub quiz trivia title, $25 Chinese foot massage, and of course, another escape room. We will likely return to Puzzah! and check out one of their other rooms.


1440 Blake Street #150, Denver, Colorado
Instagram: puzzah_denver
Twitter: @puzzah_llc

2 Players- $50
3 Players – $75
Book the room! (Yay!)
Sunday-Thursday: 11:00-20:30; Friday-Saturday: 11:00-21:45.
Check their website for available times and dates.

Have you escaped from Kazam?


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