Escape the Room Philly – The Dig – Philadelphia

Room Escape Artist gave the room a positive review, and I wish we could do the same. I liked the decorations, bringing out the Indiana Jones fan in me. Multiple rooms are also always a plus. But with only 2 people, it was near impossible.

We tried Escape the Room Philly about a year ago, but were unable to get out. After they gave us the explanation at the end, it seemed like you physically needed more than 2 people to get out. I think the hosts should have advised us that it may not be possible for 2 people, and we would have returned another time.

Given the situation, I’ll just provide some information rather than a full review. I would only recommend it to groups of 4 or more at a minimum. But chances are you’ll get paired up with more people unless the time slot is completely empty.

Escape the Room | Philly
1528 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA

$28 per person, up to 10 people.
Book the slot.
See their website for booking availability.

Image Source: img source/ By Mario Modesto Mata – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


One thought on “Escape the Room Philly – The Dig – Philadelphia

  1. Yikes. Yeah, that room absolutely needs more than two people.

    I have also heard some very mixed feedback about Escape the Room [insert city]’s The Dig from players who visited it in different locations.


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