Mythic Escapes – Blackbeard’s Brig – Vancouver, WA

Vancouver, Washington just got its first escape room. Inside the Vancouver Mall is Mythic Escapes, an escape room within a game store. Blackbeard’s Brig is a pirate-themed escape room with a variety of puzzles and multiple rooms. A good room for beginners and families, with plenty of unique puzzles to keep escape room enthusiasts busy as well. See below for the full review.

Mythic Escapes
Blackbeard’s Brig
July 2016
Number of Escaperoomers: 2
Number of Randos: 0
Overall Time: Got out with 8 minutes left.

Hints Taken: Quite a few, mostly on one puzzle.

“You are being held hostage by the evil pirate Blackbeard.   He has gone ashore to pillage and plunder leaving you to ponder a terrifying end. You have 60 minutes to escape  that fate.”

Just over the Columbia River from Portland is Vancouver, Washington. While it is the fourth largest city in Washington, it never had an escape room, until a couple of weeks ago. The Mythic Realm game store has just opened Mythic Escapes. Blackbeard’s Brig is their first room, with a Mission Impossible-esque room opening soon.

I found out about Mythic Escapes as I do most new rooms, through searching Groupon for escape rooms in the area. I booked it quickly, as it was still new, and I wanted to book a time slot so we wouldn’t get paired up with anyone else. They said we were the first 2-person team to try the room. We got out in time, thanks to a lot of helpful hints, especially on one specific puzzle.

The escape room facilitator gets into character and sends you into the room, to get out before Blackbeard returns. They have a good variety of puzzles, including visual, word play, ciphers, hidden clues, and a fun interactive aspect. We got hung up on one part, and made a mistake in our ‘translation’ which required quite a few helpful hints to guide us through. Overall, it was a fun room, and I am looking forward to see what their next room is like.

We talked with one of the owners afterward (who ran the escape room for us), and he told us about their next room. It will have a Mission Impossible-type theme. It was designed in-house and sounds like it will be pretty unique. We’re looking forward to trying it out.


Mythic Escapes
8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr.,Vancouver, WA.
(360) 891-4413

$30 per person.
2-8 participants (4-8 recommended).
Book the slot.
Open 7 days a week, starting at 11 am, with the last time slot at 8 pm (5 pm on Sundays). Check their website for times and dates.

Other discounts may still be available on Groupon.

Have you escaped from Blackbeard’s Brig?

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