Fangoria Article on Horror-Themed Escape Rooms

An article from explores why horror-themed escape rooms work so well. According to the article, “Confined & Afraid: Why Horror Escape Rooms Work,” by Lexi Harrington, “horror themed escape rooms take pride in putting you into nightmares, forcing you to escape unsettling, frightening situations.”

I have never experienced any frightening escape rooms, on any level really. Most of us have experienced some version of a horror escape room. Some that come to mind include Japanese Thriller in San Diego, Saw in Budapest, and Kidnapped! in Portland. However, often these horror-themed escape rooms are rather light on the horror. Some escape rooms even emphasize that their rooms are not frightening, and have “no jump scares!” Perhaps this is an effort to appeal to a wider audience, including families with children. However, I’d like to try a harder horror-themed room. Any recommendations?

The article also notes overlap between haunted houses and escape rooms. One of the benefits of haunted house experience in escape rooms is in the attention to decoration, design, and combining visual and audio effects. After speaking with the creators of the recently opened Hour to Midnight in Portland, it turned out they had a background in haunted houses. They are also owners of FrightFX, which specializes in haunted house industry. Their experience resulted in a beautifully decorated and themed room, with audio and visual effects that most escape rooms simply ignore.

Have you visited any truly scary horror escape rooms?


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