Brewery and Escape Room in Minnesota

As I’ve noted before, having an escape room teamed up with a bar makes for a fun, post-escape experience. You and your teammates can gather around, have a drink, and discuss how awesome you all are. There are a number of these escape rooms in Europe, including Exit Point in Budapest, and Wrong Room’s Party at Jamaika in Vilnius. Of the escape room’s in the U.S., the only bar/escape room I’ve tried is Pour Sports’ Escape the Speakeasy in Portland, Oregon.

Now, Minnesota will see a brewery and escape room share the same space at a location in downtown Duluth. According to a news article from WDIO, the old tenant was the head shop, Last Place on Earth. The new tenants will include Blacklist Brewery , with a first-floor taproom, and upstairs will be an escape room operated by SolveEnt.

SolveEnt’s co-owner, Matthew Wagner called it the first of its kind in Duluth. The mayor also appears to be excited by the prospect. “It’s a great pairing,” said Mayor Emily Larson, “not just with Blacklist, but for this district, which is the entertainment district now.”

Not only is an escape room a fun way for people to decompress after their escape, it is also a great way to get a number of people introduced to escape rooms. I hope more escape rooms can team up with other companies, to combine forces and create a more unique escape room experience.

Have you escaped only to end up in a bar? How was it?



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