Escape Game SD – Japanese Thriller – San Diego

Escape Game SD put together a fun, and at times tense, escape room. The theme is a Japanese horror story/serial killer. Not terrifying, but maybe not for kids. There were a good variety of puzzles, multiple rooms, and some additional scoring factors that appeal to the more competitive escape room enthusiasts. See below for the full review.

Escape Game SD
Japanese Thriller
March 2016
Number of Escaperoomers: 3
Number of Randos: 3
Overall Time: about 40-something minutes

Hints Taken: None

“A Japanese reality game show is now accepting contestants for an escape game contest. Although more fun than scary, this game is set in the abandoned apartment of the infamous Japanese serial killer, Futoshi Matsunaga, who inspired Japanese thrillers like The Ring and The Grudge. Escape the place where victims fell prey to torturous atrocities and are now said to haunt the apartment.”

Although the host says your role is as a contestant for a reality show set in a serial killer’s apartment, the real story behind Futoshi Matsunaga is pretty terrifying. Together with his partner Junko Ogata, they were found responsible for multiple murders, including the deaths of two children. Matsunaga was apparently the mastermind, physically and psychologically torturing all those around him.

I did not really think this room was appropriate for kids, but when we arrived, we saw that we were teamed up with a dad and his two sons from Phoenix. The kids were about 14 and 8. Anyway, there was a pretty interesting video briefing, which gave you a little taste of the serial killer’s history, then into the room.

There were a few red herrings, but generally, the clues were interesting and challenging. I was impressed by the two kids, they did pretty well in helping to figure things out. The dad, not so much. One of the puzzles, which I didn’t much care for, was a very common puzzle that one comes across regularly in the outside world. Even though the dad was in his late 40s, living in a major city, he was not familiar with this puzzle, which is hard to believe. Anyway, I found it frustrating to both explain to him the rules, while trying to finish the puzzle.

We got out in a pretty good amount of time, then afterwards, were debriefed on our score. This room scores your performance based on overall time, number of special objects found, and a test of your observational skills. Given my competitive nature, I liked the scoring aspect but was disappointed that we did not land higher on the list, despite no hints.

We recommend this room, and will probably try out Einstein’s Office next time we are in San Diego.

Escape Game SD
Japanese Thriller Room
7380 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, Ste 207, San Diego, CA
(858) 633-3001

$40 per person.
2-9 participants (4-6 recommended).
Book the slot.
Check their website for times and dates, and coupon codes.
Other discounts may still be available on Groupon.
Have you escaped the Japanese Thriller Room?

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