Portland Escape Rooms – American Revolution – Portland

We did this room a couple of hours after Kidnapped! at the same location. This room was better, but still ranks lower on my list of Portland favorites. The room was well-lit, in comparison to so many dark rooms where you can’t see anything. The puzzles didn’t really fit the room, and were pretty random. The people we got paired up with were pretty good, and we got out in what I thought was a pretty fast time. Overall, it was still pretty fun. I suggest waiting for a Groupon deal before booking this room. See below for the full review.

Portland Escape Rooms
American Revolution
April 2016
Number of Escaperoomers: 2
Number of Randos: 2
Overall Time: 30-something minutes?

Hints Taken: 1? None? Who knows?

“You and your friends have been charged with treason by the British Empire.  They have locked you in a colonial room while they ready the firing squad for another Boston Massacre.  An American sympathizer has left you clues to find the key and escape.  You have 60 minutes to get out before the redcoats return!”

This room was done a couple of months back, and since I didn’t love either of the Portland Escape Rooms experiences, I didn’t really think about them much, and now I can’t remember some basic info, like when did we get out. So here is a forgetful review of this somewhat forgetful room.

We knew we were to be paired up with a team who had already signed up. We showed up to meet a couple from Bend. The guy was American, and the girl was Australian. This was their first escape room experience. Apparently, the guy’s brother had done the room before and recommended it. This may be important for later, so keep that in mind. The room is ranked for 4-10 people. I think 4 is plenty, and we probably could have done it with 2. This being Portland Escape Rooms, we had an in-room observer, which again, I don’t care for.

The room is supposed to be a Revolutionary War theme (War of American Independence as it is known to some). However, there really wasn’t anything on theme. I think there may have been a couple of props that were supposed to invoke the period, but nothing that was used as a puzzle. The employee would be accompanying us as an

The variety was good, but for me, the puzzles had nothing to do with the theme, and didn’t advance the story in any way. There were some store-bought puzzles, picture puzzles, and some other random puzzles. We were all working together pretty well, and moving along. With 4 people running around, there were some puzzles I didn’t really see or have any input in, since other people were solving them. Luckily, the other guy took on the physical store-bought puzzles, since I don’t really care for them.

There was one point, about the 2nd to last puzzle to the room, where the guy took one look at something and immediately began to decipher it. I found this a little bit suspicious. I am also a skeptical person. It seemed to me like he may have been aware of this puzzle before seeing it, which would be difficult if he’d never done an escape room before. We finished soon after, somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes I believe.

Based on my suspicions, I’m not sure how I feel. I would never want to know about a puzzle before getting to try an escape room, and consider it cheating. The whole escape room experience is super-contrived, and we are basically paying money to figure out puzzles. I don’t know if he cheated or knew the puzzle ahead of time. He may just be really good at recognizing puzzles and patterns. However, I remain suspicious.

Has this ever happened to you?

Portland Escape Rooms
American Revolution
1513 SW Marlow Ave, Suite B, Portland, Oregon 97225
(This location  is almost to Beaverton, but a short walk from the MAX Sunset Transit Center.They also have 2 rooms at their other location in Beaverton)
(503) 893-4228

$30 per person.
2-10 participants.
Book the time slot. You may be joined up with others.
Check their website for times and dates.

Check Groupon for deals.

Have you escaped from the American Revolution?

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