Escape the Speakeasy – Portland

We were some of the first to try out this room, and I think we may have been the first to escape! There are some really great things about this room, and we definitely recommend checking it out. A good variety of puzzles, friendly staff, and this speakeasy is actually inside a bar! See the full review below.

If you’ve ever been to escape rooms in Budapest, you probably visited one of the many that are inside a bar. Exit PointMind Quest, and ESC Exit Game are all located inside bars. With Exit Point and ESC Exit Game, we even got a free drink after escaping! It can be fun to sit around with your team after an escape room to talk about your experience over a beer. Finally, someone in Portland has made this possible!

Escape the Speakeasy is on the lower level of Pour Sports, a sports bar and grill. The escape room was also designed by and is operated by Pour Sports. We found out about the room from a Groupon search. This was a great deal at $32 for 2-people. Even at their regular price, which I believe is $25 per person, this is one of the lower priced rooms in Portland. I bought the deal and contacted the bar for availability. (That’s another nice thing about having the location in a bar, they have a much more open schedule.) I was able to book the room the very next night.


We arrived and were taken downstairs to the “speakeasy.” The theme is: you are in a speakeasy and you have an hour to get out before the cops show up. Inside, the room is actually a bar, apparently home of the old “Andrea’s Cha Cha Club.” Other props fit theme, with some cool interactive touches.

A good variety of puzzles, and a “surprise” that I always like to see, (that not enough escape rooms take advantage of). We ended up using 2 hints, both of which we should have figured out on our own if we’d communicated a little better. Since it’s brand new, I think they may still be tweeking a few things.

We got out in time and enjoyed our successful escape with a beer at the bar. The escape room was a great deal, easy to book, and located on Grand at Belmont in SE Portland. Dani and the other bar staff and employees were friendly and welcoming. Overall, the room was a lot of fun, and I’d recommend checking it out.

Escape the Speakeasy at Pour Sports

832 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR

$25 per person (Not entirely sure as I booked the room on Groupon)

Book the room!! As far as I know you can book the room without getting teamed up with random people.
Call to check their schedule. The bar is open M-F 11am-12am, Sat-Sun 9am-12am.
Check Groupon for a limited time. $32 for 2 people, $59 for 4, and $85 for 6.


Have you visited Escape the Speakeasy?

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