Portland Escape Rooms – Kidnapped! – Portland

This was the 4th room tried in Portland. The first 3 were all with Escapism, because you could book the room and not the slot. This serial killer themed room had some fun aspects which added to the escape room experience. Portland Escape Rooms seems like a pretty busy business, but there were a few issues. Probably a good place for people to try their first escape room, and they always seem to have a deal on Groupon. See below for the full review.

Portland Escape Rooms
April 2016
Number of Escaperoomers: 2
Number of Randos: 2
Overall Time: 58 min

Hints Taken: Not sure, a couple?

“You have been kidnapped and locked in a room by a serial killer!  The killer plans to return and do unthinkable things to you unless you can escape.  You have 60 minutes to free yourselves to avoid adding to the killer’s resume.”

Due to my aversion for being teamed up with other people, I waited until the 11th hour to book Kidnapped!, hoping we would be able to do it alone. We showed up to Portland Escape Rooms to find 2 other people. Another couple. They would be on our team. D’oh. The other two people on our team were friendly, but this was their first time escaping.

The employee would be accompanying us as an observer, which was the first time I’d had this happen. It was weird the first time, and now that it’s happened 3 times, I know I don’t like it for the escape room experience. It’s like a social worker silently judging and later determines I’m not fit to adopt a child because I have some Carlton Mellick III books on my shelf.

So after the usual briefing, we are told we’d be handcuffed and taken into the dark room. This was my first escape room handcuffing! Which was fun. However, I believe because of religious reasons the other couple, the woman was not comfortable touching me. This later made the process of getting me out of my handcuffs awkward, as I had to wait for someone else to get me out.

There were a couple of physical puzzles, like the kind you find in the waiting room of an escape room. As in, the type of twisted metal puzzle you see in a puzzle shop, that you try once and never touch again. I’m not a big fan of those, but I think they’re okay for the first time you encounter them because it adds variety.

We eventually got out. Most of our hints came on a single puzzle that I think had too many possible and logical options, but we were not thinking of the one that the puzzle designer had intended. (See Scott Kim’s Ted Talk on the Art of Puzzles. “A puzzle is a problem that is fun to solve and has a right answer.”)

In the end, we got out with a couple minutes to spare. It was fun, but I think this is best for a first escape room experience. There was the fun of getting handcuffed, a variety of puzzles, including physical ones, and a good opportunity for people to toss the room for clues.

Talking to the staff, since I had purchased 2 Groupons at once, I asked about the availability of their other room at this location. They said they had 2 people for American Revolution in a couple hours, and it was a minimum 4 person room. So we decided to book it and returned a couple hours later.

Portland Escape Rooms

1513 SW Marlow Ave, Suite B, Portland, Oregon 97225
(This location  is almost to Beaverton, but a short walk from the MAX Sunset Transit Center.They also have 2 rooms at their other location in Beaverton)
(503) 893-4228
$30 per person.
2-6 participants.
Book the time slot. You may be joined up with others.
Check their website for times and dates.

Check Groupon for deals.

Have you escaped from Kidnapped!?

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