Labyrinth – Inheritance – Portland

Highly Recommended by EscapeRoomers. Portland is getting more high-quality escape rooms. Labyrinth currently has 3 rooms running, with 2 more on the way. We tried Inheritance. It was a fun room with a great variety of puzzles. It was a little crowded with 6 people. Overall, I’d recommend it, especially if you are with a group of friends in Downtown. See below for the full review.

Labyrinth: Inheritance
May 2016
Number of Escaperoomers: 2
Number of Randos: 4
Overall Time: About 50 minutes? I don’t remember.

Hints Taken: Not sure, the Randos were asking a bunch of questions to clarify the rules, which might count as hints. We got hints, but I have no idea how many.

“A mysterious letter from a missing archaeology professor sets you down a path of mythic proportions.”

This is the 4th escape room company we’ve tried in Portland, and by far the most polished. They are a well-run establishment with a great location in Downtown Portland. They are also the most expensive room we’ve tried at $36 per person. They did have a Groupon at the time, for $49 for 2 people, so we gave it a go.

I held off on booking, hoping to get a room to ourselves. I waited until late at night and saw that one of their rooms still had all 8 slots available, so I booked us for 2. When we got there the next day, we saw 4 other people waiting. They were a husband, wife, college-age son, and son’s girlfriend. Of course, none had done an escape room before. (This is the 4th time we’ve done an escape room with other people, and none have ever had any experience. I’d like to try a room with experienced people someday).

We got the briefing, which made me realize, like Portland Escape Rooms, the escape room employee was going to be sitting there on a couch in the room, watching us the entire time. I understand this may be helpful for first-timers, but I personally think it takes away from the escape room experience.

We started out, and within a couple of seconds, the EscapeRoomers understood why we prefer to work alone. Of the 4 other players, the mother was the most excited and most helpful during the game, I’d take her on our team any day. She was actively involved, communicating, and connecting the clues to the puzzles. The girlfriend was pretty good too. The dad sat there fiddling with a puzzle for half an hour and the boyfriend seemed to take after the dad.

They have a good variety of puzzles, with a balanced amount of logical puzzles and scavenging. A few new things I’d never seen as well. The room was pretty well put together. Most of the items in the room had a purpose, (to be used in solving a puzzle), without a lot of fluff. We did miss one major item in the room search, and that required burning a hint. There were also quite a few written clues and puzzles, probably more than I’d seen in a room before.

Generally, the clues, puzzles, and props all fit the theme very well. The final clue to “succeed” (but not escape) was pretty interactive, showing the professional design of the room. It also made me think a group of 6 is the minimum you could have to do the room. Although, they may modify it for smaller groups. I thought 6 people in there was pretty tight, but they book up to 8 in a room, so be careful how many slots are available when you book.

This came only a week after the Budapest Blitz where we’d had so many great exit room experiences, beginning with ESC ExitGame and ending with Exit Point’s Rabbit Hole. I really prefer the European style, where you can book the room without getting combined with whoever else shows up. However, for American escape rooms, this one is really well put together, professional, and a fun experience overall. Check it out!

Labyrinth (The Study)

816 NW Hoyt St., Portland, Oregon 97209
Phone: (503) 710-5084
$36 per person.
Book the time slot. You may be joined up with others for a total of 8 people.
Check their website for times and dates.

Check Groupon or Facebook for deals.

Have you escaped from the Labyrinth?




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