Escape with the Crazy Cat Lady

Going to CatCon this year? Me neither. However, if you know someone who is going, you may want to tag along. No, not to pick up the latest scarf knitted entirely from cat hair, nor to attend the conference on why toxoplasma gondii is a government conspiracy perpetrated by Washington Fat Dogs. CatCon is hosting an escape room!

According to a sandpaper tongue-in-cheek article on LAist, “Perhaps most exciting to this writer, Animal Planet has put together an escape room from the POV of a cat. Guests will have to assemble giant cat toys and solve clues to get out of a cat’s natural habitat: a cardboard box.”

Animal Planet has created the Cat in a Box Escape Experience. “Everyone knows that cats love cardboard boxes. Now you get to experience all the fun as we shrink you down to the size of a cat and put you in a box! With ginormous cat-toys all around you, you’ll piece together the puzzles to find a way out. Hurry before time runs out. Note that you need to buy a ticket to enter CatConLA.”


You only have 15 minutes to escape, so act with the reflexes of a fast animal and sign up if you are a cat lover or only the diehardest escape room fan. CatCon L.A. Downtown Los Angeles, June 25-26. The Reef. 1933 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007


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