Paniq Room – Lost 2 – Budapest

⍟⍟⍟⍟. Recommended by EscapeRoomers. Day 2 of the Blitz, second room, and done right after Saw with Paniq Room. Rushing through to make it out in time, Lost was more fun than Saw. There were some innovative tricks, interactive props, a great variety of puzzles, and overall fun to play. See below for the full review.

Integration: ⍟⍟⍟⍟
Variety of Puzzles: ⍟⍟⍟⍟
Physical Condition of Props and Puzzles: ⍟⍟⍟⍟
Staff Involvement: ⍟⍟⍟⍟
Fun Factor: ⍟⍟⍟⍟
Hints: ⍟⍟⍟
Escape Room Business:⍟⍟

Difficulty Level: ⍟⍟⍟

Lost 2
May 7, 2016
Scheduled 10:00 (started about 10:40)
Number of Escaperoomers: 2
Overall Time: 35minutes

Hints Taken: 1

“You climb out from the wrecks. The plane, on which you have been travelling, has crashed, but you have luckily survived. After a short ramble, you find an abandoned camp, and a bunker, but its door won’t open. Find a key to every lock and solve the tasks. You have one hour before you die. Hurry up!”

Of course it is difficult to make a room in a basement look like you are on a tropical island, but I’d say they did pretty well to make it look well decorated. There is a bit of scavenging, and a couple physical puzzles. Everything was pretty logical and linear. There were some fun interactive parts of the room, one of which we really enjoyed.

Our only hint was a “d’oh” moment, where we looked at and touched the thing that held the key, but didn’t think it was supposed to be messed with, and left it alone. The employee told us to look again, and we realized it was the key.

So, it was disappointing that the marathon wasn’t really as described on their website. “After solving Saw you get to Lost via a tunnel to find your way out from there.” I was really looking forward to something like that. I’m not sure of any other escape room companies that provide such an experience. Anyone?


Lost 2
Budapest, 1085. Mária utca 29. Doorbell: PÁNIQ-SZOBA3 locations in Budapest. Saw, Lost, Sherlock, MindLabyrinth, and Time Trap all at the location above.
2,990 HUF per person
5,380 HUF per person for the 2 room marathon
Bookable from about 09:00 to 23:00. Check their schedule online.

Open 7 days a week.

Have you escaped from Lost 2?

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