What’s in a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call an escape room by any other name would probably still be an escape room, but it might be harder to search for online.”

We call them escape rooms. Most of them anyways. However, as the number of escape rooms has exploded, it can be difficult for new companies to come up with a name for their escape room business. The name has to evoke an escape room. However, it cannot be too similar to other rooms as to cause confusion. There are only so many ways to say ‘escape’ and ‘room’ together.

Room Escape [City Name], Escape Room [City Name], Exit Room [City Name], Exit Break [City Name] Room Escape Live Game Trap Puzzle.

There may be a number of themes for escape room names. Most refer to escaping from a room, often adding the name of the city to the title. Others refer to logic or puzzles. Some are just plain confusing. Here are some escape room names that stood out for one reason or another.

  • A Room with a Clue
  • A/Maze Montreal
  • Barcelocked
  • Bumfuzzled Games
  • Cage404
  • Confundrum
  • Keynundrum
  • Conundroom
  • Ctrl.Shift.Esc
  • Exitus
  • Get the F Out
  • ConTRAPtions

Most of these names were gathered from EscapeRoomDirectory. Thanks!

Do you think a memorable name is more important? Is it more important to make it clear that it is an escape room? Or does the name even matter? What are some of your favorite escape room names?

Intervirals also wrote an article on escape room names and terminology that you might find interesting.


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