60 Minutes to Escape – Spark of Resistance – Portland

⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟. Highly recommended by EscapeRoomers. This was the third escape room company we’ve tried in Portland, and by far the best of the three. (Escapism and Portland Escape Rooms being the other 2). I believe this was also the first escape room in Portland, now home to 6 or more. It took awhile to book, because I didn’t want to get joined up with any randos. So we had to wait until it looked like a time slot was completely empty, booking it at the last minute.

It really may be one of the best rooms I’ve tried. Very original and well thought out. You won’t be getting out of this one with 30 minutes to spare. The people who put this room together put a lot of time and effort into the room, and it shows. Pretty much full-on immersion.

“ONE OF OUR AGENTS IS MISSING.You and your friends, colleagues and family must use your wits to find him and make your escape!”

After the briefing and backstory, it begins with a small role-playing scenario. I appreciated the effort, but don’t think it added much to the experience. Still, it shows the effort A Society of the Six put into the production from beginning to end.

For anyone really interested in the behind the scenes process of this team going from idea to finished product, see this video on Vimeo. The Adventure Design Group (in San Francisco) hosted a presentation of the Spark of Resistance group telling of how the whole thing came together. It’s pretty long but very informative.

There are some nice large-scale props, which are necessary to get out in time, and not just there to look cool. There was a lot of variety as well. However, there are a couple of things I would change. One puzzle was a little too traditional, and one prop operated pretty basically. Of course, I can’t say anything that would give anything away.

This room is not easy! I think hints are necessary, and we received quite a few. They said no team has done it without any hints, and I believe it. All of the hints led us to an, “Oh, of course!” moment. So even though we missed the clue/puzzle/answer, there was a logical link to that we should have/could have gotten. We were a team of 2, and got out about 60 seconds too late. They let us finish, which was nice since we were so close.

On a side note, at the end, the host said they were planning to change the layout of the building, and bring in additional rooms. I really hope they open a new room soon, as I’d love to see what else this team will come up with.

60 Minutes to Escape

134 SE Taylor St, Portland, OR 97214

$30 per person

Book a slot, may be joined with others up to a maximum of 8 players.
Open Thurs-Sun. Check their schedule online .


Have you visited 60 Minutes to Escape?

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