Throwback Review: Jungle Ransom, Portland, OR

UPDATE. Jungle Ransom was the last of Escapism Portland‘s three rooms visited by EscapeRoomers J and M. The theme is kidnapped in the jungle and being held for ransom. While this one had some interesting aspects, there were some technical problems that made the overall experience pretty annoying. This is where writing escape reviews falls short, because I won’t give anything away, but try to somehow inform you what is wrong with the room.

UPDATE: I’ve heard back from Escapism and they’ve made some adjustments and updates to their rooms. I talked to people who have gone through the rooms since our visit and they’ve confirmed these changes. So all of my technical complaints should not be an issue. It is good to see that Escapism takes the customer’s experience seriously and is interested in providing a great experience. Escapism also remains one of the few companies in Portland that provides private bookings as a standard practice, which is hard to find in U.S. escape rooms.

The first problem we encountered was that it is hard to feel immersed in a jungle world when you are in an office space with netting on the ceiling and a few fake bamboo trees. Still, I have an imagination, and used it to get over that problem. Another problem I had with the room was there were a number of items that had nothing to do with anything, despite their being the only objects in certain containers. But the real problems were technical. (These appear to be fixed by now, so you can ignore my technical complaints.)

There was a kind of weak clue delivery after we correctly answered one question. Then there was one clue where we knew what to do, were doing it, but it just wasn’t working. We continued for a good few minutes, to no avail. The only “hints” we got were to keep doing it longer. Finally, it worked…very anticlimactic. One of the last parts involved a very buggy app. It wasn’t working, and the “hint” we were given was to try restarting it. We honestly spent a good 5 minutes restarting the device over and over until it finally worked.

I probably wouldn’t recommend this room. It seemed too buggy to let people use the room. I wonder how much, if any, beta testing was involved. Still, we were able to get out with a couple of clues.

Date: January 2016

Cost: $60 for 2 people


Location: 4711 SW Huber #5, Portland OR 97239


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