Still Haven’t Heard of Escape Rooms?

For those who haven’t heard of escape rooms, Roombreakers has found three categories of people who are still in the know-not:

If you don’t know what escape rooms are, you likely fall into one of the three categories below. Please choose your own adventure from below…but choose wisely.

  • Welcome back from the coma! It must have been tough having your family arguing about pulling the plug. “No, I get to do it…No, I get to pull the plug.” Well, welcome back to the land of the living. Now let’s get you into a dark room to get out of.
  • You mean time travel is possible? That would explain the old-timey clothes, and your concern about catching smallpox. Well, worry not. Smallpox has been eradicated!  Let’s go check out a place I know where your crazy clothes will fit right in.
  • All that time on a deserted island must have been tough. Especially with no dessert. How ironic! Well, I’m glad your volleyball buddy kept your spirits up. Volleyball will do that. Top Gun taught us that. Oh, you haven’t seen Top Gun? Come with me.

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