Ritual Room – Escapism – Portland, OR

The Ritual Room is one of Escapism Portland‘s three rooms. This was the first escape room for EscapeRoomers in the Rose City. EscapeRoomers W, J and M took this one on, the first for W. The theme is along the lines of a secret society initiation with the Vox Aurea Society. We ended up finishing with about ten minutes left, after taking a couple of clues. Good integration with the theme, a couple of challenging puzzles, and new puzzles not seen anywhere else.

“Welcome to the headquarters of the Vox Aurea Society! You and a small group of like-minded citizens have been chosen as possible candidates to join our Secret Society. However, you must prove you are worthy before being admitted to the inner sanctum. Solve our secrets, and your world will open to luxuries of power and influence beyond your imagination.”

We recommend trying Escapism’s The Ritual Room when you are in Portland. The nice thing about Escapism Portland is that you can book the entire room at a set cost, depending on the size of your group. This meant we didn’t have to get piled into a room with randos. As a result, the first three rooms tried in Portland were the Escapism Portland rooms. Of the three, this one is the best. It is the most interesting, most challenging, and the integration of props and puzzles was kept on theme.

Date: December 2015

Cost: $90 for 2-5 people


Location: 10505 SW Barbur Blvd #302a Portland, OR 97219

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6 thoughts on “Ritual Room – Escapism – Portland, OR

  1. Thanks for your feedback and happy to hear you enjoyed this room! It’s good to know our private booking system is appreciated! We have made a couple of decor updates in the room too!


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