Throwback Review: Dr. Zychlov’s Laboratory, Portland, OR

Update. Dr. Zychlov’s lab was the second of Escapism Portland‘s three rooms visited by EscapeRoomers J and M. The theme is Cold War era mad scientist. This room seemed pretty dated and well used. Some of the props were rickety and in bad shape. This caused there to be serious confusion later on when certain items didn’t do what they were supposed to do, and lead to incorrect codes.

UPDATE: I’ve heard back from Escapism and they’ve made some adjustments and updates to their rooms. I talked to people who have gone through the rooms since our visit and they’ve confirmed these changes. So all of my technical complaints should not be an issue. It is good to see that Escapism takes the customer’s experience seriously and is interested in providing a great experience. Escapism also remains one of the few companies in Portland that provides private bookings as a standard practice, which is hard to find in U.S. escape rooms.

Of the three Escapism Portland rooms, this was the least impressive. It was not a linear escape room, it had some vague clues and even a couple of mistakes that we later reported to the moderator. Still, we were able to get out  with about 5 minutes left, with a couple of clues. I really wouldn’t recommend this one, and think they need to retire this room, or give it a makeover.

Date: January 2016

Cost: $60 for 2 people


Location: 7110 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97213

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