Crowded Escape Room


Have you showed up for an escape room only to find that a gang of bros from the sales team have booked the remaining time slots to have a “team building” experience? It can make the escape room experience overwhelming, like too much Axe body spray. This is another reason it is better to be able to book a room instead of just a time slot.

Fun but crowded should not be the title of your escape room review.The recommended or required limits can be arbitrary. Some rooms have a limit of 12 people, which sounds like a hellish experience to me, no matter how difficult the room may be. Sure, 12 people to escape a house is fine, but not a room.

Apparently, Quake Escape from Exodus Escape Room can be modified to handle up to 50 people! Live Escape Room Reviews did the escape with 12 people and said there were enough puzzles to keep the group busy. However, she also said she prefers playing escape rooms “with just the two of us.”

There are even tiny rooms which allow up to 4 people when 2 people should really be the max limit. A crowded escape room can really take away from the experience. More eyes on the problem may help solve a complex puzzle, but more is not always merrier. In some cases, Too Many Cooks can spoil the broth.

Of course, according to writer Kristi Palma, there are plenty of ways to mimic a crowded escape room experience…FOR FREE! Suggestions included riding a crowded and smelly Green Line train, holiday mall parking, or getting out of town on a summer weekend.

How about you? Have you been forced into a crowded room which ruined your escape room experience?


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